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Mission Statement Matters

Mission statements come in all shapes and sizes. They are an important aspect of any organization. Science initiatives and organizations need to have clear and concise mission statements which need to be reviewed frequently because all mission statements have built in assumptions. It is these assumptions that change with time. Consider the following: (1) What does your mission statement […]


Toward the next generation of graduate programs

by Fanuel Muindi  Originally published by the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Harvard University HERE The current landscape of graduate training in the biosciences is a topic of much discussion among administrators, faculty, policy makers, and of course, student trainees themselves. Topics include research funding and publishing models, training in rigor and reproducibility, training […]


Redefining the integration of health literacy in STEM Education

by Ngobitak Ndiwane – Margaret E. Mahoney Fellow at the New York Academy of Medicine –  Despite the fact that I knew I wanted to become a health care provider since middle school, I never understood the specifics of social health care programs such as Medicaid and Medicare until I was a sophomore in college taking […]


The power of mentorship: paving the road for underrepresented students interested in STEM

by Ngobitak Ndiwane – Margaret E. Mahoney Fellow at the New York Academy of Medicine –  As an African-American woman studying Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) at a predominately white institution, I often found myself having few people I could turn to for advice and mentorship. It was a common occurrence for me to look […]


The M.D.-Ph.D. double agent

by Jessica Tsai  It was 2 o’clock on a Saturday morning. I felt exhausted, overwhelmed, and defeated. Still wearing my scrubs from the day before, I stared blankly at the wall in the dark room, holding the once-again botched Western blot, signifying hours lost to what should have been a simple task in my Ph.D. […]

Case Study

A must-have program for universities

– by Fanuel Muindi –  One, get rid of the professors. Two, recruit super enthusiastic university students to teach. Three, allow them to teach whatever they want. Four, make it cheap enough so that pre-college students from all backgrounds can afford to attend. Lastly — perhaps the most important — you must have a well-organized and passionate program leadership […]