Our Approach

Our work is focused on research, development, and advocacy to guide and empower trainees and organizations involved in science education around the world. 

Current research projects involve analyzing important questions and data in science education and outreach around the world. We ask fundamental questions regarding the spatial, temporal, structural and hierarchal mechanisms that govern the logic in science education, policy, and also outreach. Naturally, we also use the same approach to analyzing and advising STEM programs around the world in-order to have a fundamental understanding of the “how” behind what they do. 


Based on our research, we develop new tools and databases to collect new data, generate new questions, and challenge prevailing assumptions. In the end, our goal is to assist and inspire trainees in science around the world. 




Our advocacy efforts are currently focused on advocating for trainees in science and STEM programs around the world. Our advocacy is heavily grounded in our research so that we are using the most current knowledge and understanding to generate the most impactful advocacy.  




Designing new strategies to assist and inspire trainees in science around the world



Categorizing and connecting STEM programs in Africa


 Advocating for trainees and STEM organizations around the world

Giving feedback and advice to STEM programs around the world.