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Case Study: The Grad Spark

Fanuel Muindi | Co-Director, STEM Advocacy Group  Abstract Grad Spark is a Boston based organization that is driven to provide a “platform to help students of color in doctoral programs develop a network and a roadmap for the path forward in research based careers.” Here, Grad Spark programming is used as a case study to discuss mentorship programs […]

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Education Spending as percent of government expenditure in Latin America

by Staff Average Median Education Spending as percent of government expenditure in Latin America (06-15)(1). Top performer refers to the highest ranking country in Latin America in the 2015 Pisa Tests (2,3).   Metadata descriptors as originally published by the World Bank  Indicator Name Government expenditure on education, total (% of government expenditure) Long definition […]

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Stories in Science: an Update

Stories in Science has been operational since November 2016. We are happy to announce that the number of visits to our website has continued to grow each month. In fact, the number of visitors roughly tripled between Jan and Feb 2017.  Our most popular published story was by Professor Robert Sapolsky from Stanford University titled […]

Case Study Research

Case Study: STEM Girl Project in Tanzania

by Fanuel Muindi, PhD DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.33622.24644  Abstract Recently, a Tanzania based organization called Hope for Children in Adversity started a new project called STEM Girl Project in Tanzania. This project seeks to “empower girls with the necessary skills and competencies to meet the technology demands of national development in a technological age”. The project provides […]

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Science and education in Uganda

by Staff  The Ugandan government has a policy whereby science subjects are compulsory for secondary school students. The policy took effect in 2006 (1). The policy also provides financial support to university students taking science subjects. Some have criticized the policy because it has put girls at a disadvantage (2).   Below is some data from UNESCO Institute of Statistics (3) showcasing education […]

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Sub-Saharan Africa Spending on Research and Development

by Staff  The data below was acquired from the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Institute for Statistics. We are showing the average (2000-2014) expenditures for research and development. The UNESCO Institute of Statistics states that these ‘expenditures (% of GDP) are current and capital expenditures (both public and private) on creative work undertaken systematically to increase knowledge, […]

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Mission Statement Matters

Mission statements come in all shapes and sizes. They are an important aspect of any organization. Science initiatives and organizations need to have clear and concise mission statements which need to be reviewed frequently because all mission statements have built in assumptions. It is these assumptions that change with time. Consider the following: (1) What does your mission statement […]


Our 2016 Progress Report

This 2016 annual progress report details our development as ascience advocacy think tank over the last year. The current mission, progress, and future directions are summarized accordingly. Click on the images below to access the report. 


Towards sustaining a culture of mental health and wellness for trainees in the biosciences

by Jessica Tsai and Fanuel Muindi  Originally published in Science  The challenges faced by the current biosciences research enterprise have been extensively discussed and reviewed by many. These include the current hypercompetitive environment for obtaining federal research funding, long training periods for graduate and postdoctoral trainees, the existing publishing model, the grim academic job market, […]

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2015 Progress Report

This short progress report details our development as a science advocacy think tank over the last year. The current mission, current progress, and future directions are summarized and discussed accordingly.  2015 STEM Advocacy Report