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Open Proposal: Career Exploration for Graduate Students

by Fanuel Muindi | Co-Director, STEM Education Advocacy Group  Around the world, countries continue to produce more and more PhDs each year [1]. In the U.S., many reform initiatives have been proposed to improve research training programs in order to better equip graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to be successful across a range of career pathways […]

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Stories_insci: An Interview with Elsevier

Below is an interview by Mary Preap (Associate Acquisitions Editor from Elsevier about our Stories in Science Initiative. Originally published on SciTech Connect Elsevier on May 11 2017 –   Stories in Science is an online platform where people can share stories about their relationship with science and read stories that have been shared by others. As noted on the […]

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Tell Your Story in Science

by Fanuel Muindi and Jessica Tsai The idea behind Stories in Science is relatively simple. We are surrounded by stories in science. Stories of success, failure, fear, discovery, serendipity, collaboration, separation, inspiration, mentorship, and so much more! It is these stories that fill the classrooms. It is these stories that are shared at home, during […]

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Education is Power

by Fanuel Muindi  STEM Advocacy recently raised $1284 for a non profit called AGE Africa (Advancing Girls’ Education in Africa) that provides young women with educational opportunities in Malawi. As stated on their website, “Age Africa’s mission is to provide life-changing opportunities to young women in Malawi through targeted initiatives in education, mentoring, and leadership development”. Their vision is that […]

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List of organizations engaged in STEM education across Africa

by Staff Education in Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields has been identified as a development goal in the global South. STEM oriented economies perform strongly on a number of economic indicators. Currently, there is a shortage of trained scientists in Africa. Many African countries are investing in STEM research and education, with the African Union encouraging its members […]

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Training: Inspiring young people with stories in science

What is your scientific origin story? When did science first captivate you? Who were the people who truly engaged you in the scientific process and taught you how to think? As scientists, we often forget – and do not share enough – those experiences that inspired us into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in […]