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Science Communication in 2017: A Meta Perspective II

– by Lia Paola Zambetti, PhD | Senior Project Officer | Research Development and Collaboration | The University of Sydney –  In the previous installment of “Science communication in 2017: a meta perspective” (click here to read), I discussed some of the main issues that science communication is facing today. In the second and final installment below, I describe […]

Science communication in 2017: A Meta Perspective

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Open Proposal: Career Exploration for Graduate Students

by Fanuel Muindi | Co-Director, STEM Education Advocacy Group  Around the world, countries continue to produce more and more PhDs each year [1]. In the U.S., many reform initiatives have been proposed to improve research training programs in order to better equip graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to be successful across a range of career pathways […]

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